About Us


SABISOS is expanding and thriving. With over 200 members the SABISOS team has decided to make the website available to all. We are constantly improving the website and now we've updated the website with our brand new layout, which includes access to our files without registration for ease and comfort, and pages that are more attractive to students. Our mission is to make SABISOS the #1 website for all students ,in SABIS schools located in the gulf region, to use.


SABISOS provides an "easy one click download" service to all school material needed for the week without having to go through all the hassle that students go through on the traditional "WebSchool". Students can check the news page which includes information about current and future updates. It also includes a forum where students can engage in a chat about their schoolwork, kept under supervision by our volunteer moderators. We also have an online school calendar in a friendly format with information about SABISOS and school affairs. Another feature is that if a student should ask a question that is left unanswered, our team of high achieving administrators will respond. Also an international 24/7 support center is available incase anything goes wrong.

While making it easier to get all this information through our easy download system and our online question and answer forum, SABISOS also provides a lot of new material in all subjects except for 2nd and 3rd languages, which includes:

  • Periodic & Final Revision Sheets
  • Answers to AMS & HW Sheets
  • Newly done layout for HW Sheets with Questions for Math and Science Mentioned, in an easier to read, use, and study format
  • Revision Sheets for English HW and AMS exams
  • In detail Vocab and Spelling Lists
  • Timetables and Periodic Charts


Now that we have been online for almost a month SABISOS has released many new features. These include the new facebook page, the new website layout, and the mobile website accesible on all modern smartphones. We are looking to continue to imporve these features by dwelling into the fields of mobile access and social networking. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can accomplish this and move on to live support classes and advertising the website to help more students.